Contact : Atelier57

Lead a team of unexperienced adventurers in the dangerous lands of the late medieval era of the holy roman empire.
  • make money by resolving issues for relevant people of the world
  • freely explore the Holy Roman Empire at the beginning of the XVth century with over 50 big medieval cities
  • buy land and establish your own production facilities
  • connect with the Hansa, the powerful commercial network of the end of the medieval era
  • forage, craft, build and equip your team, or sell your goods in cities
  • visit the holy sites and get the favor of the Saints of the medieval catholic church
  • defend townsfolk against the incursion of evil creatures
  • Dixit Dominus is in its early development process. I'm working on adding and improving the features of the prototype of the game step by step. I'll post periodically information about the newly developped content as well as short videos testing the recent updates of the prototype.

    The bartering system (march 2023)
    The only way to trade in hamlets and small villages is to barter. This video shows a short review of the first version of the bartering system.
    The new countryside map and map events (february 2023)
    A quick review of the display of the randomly generated contryside events
    A work still in progress, the info panels (december 2022)
    A quick review of the four info panels available in the game
    Testing the inventory drag and drop system (november 2022)
    A simple inventory system for each character of the team
    A very early exploration of the countryside (october 2022)
    Testing the movement of the team on the map with slowing down due to various terrains